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Thread: Maths in Episode 79.

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    Maths in Episode 79.

    From the 'How Big Is The Universe?' episode:

    "Fraser: Right, so what then finally, percentage of the whole universe is our observable universe? In a finite universe?

    Pamela: Oh, so now you’re starting to deal with cubes. You have to figure if the radius is 100 times of what we’re able to see, you take one over 100 cubed and that’s the fraction we see. So 100 cubed is 10 to the 6th so one over 10,000th. We see one over 10,000 the universe."

    Is this calculation right???

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    No, 10 to the 6th would be 1,000,000, so we would see one millionth of the universe. 10,000 would be 100 squared, not cubed.

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