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Thread: Can we refrain from feeding the trolls?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornblower View Post
    When an ATM or CT proponent starts showing outrageous intransigence after a few well-informed responses, I find myself entertaining the thought that this person is just a troll who is getting perverse pleasure out of pushing people's buttons. In a recent case I stated that I was posting my opinions for the benefit of other readers and had no false hopes of getting the proponent to change his or her mind, and then stayed out of further discussion. If all of us could do likewise perhaps we could succeed in marginalizing these people and save the mods the trouble of intervening.

    Let me add that I think the mods are showing commendable restraint, which is a far cry from the heavy-handed censorship that a few have accused them of exercising.
    I must acknowledge that it can be challenging to know when to back off. If the OP keeps introducing new wrinkles that could look impressive to some novices as exercises in applied mathematics, I may be doing these novices a service by explaining my opinion at each step that his attempts lack technical merit.

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    Just a little comment on Paul's idea. While it could be handy, and visual inputs are often quite powerful, the 2 big problems with this that I can see would be 1) as mentioned, it's not a standard feature so it would break when updates are done and 2) it would create another judgement call for the mods which would result in more complaints over whether the mods made the same judgement as an given member of the forum (much like complaints over the timing of shutting threads or issuing warnings).

    1 could be worked around if the effort paid off, which it may (though that's hard to be sure of without testing) but 2 would be unavoidable I would suggest.

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