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Thread: I am losing interest in life

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    I don't think therapy is the answer. Being disappointed that a life isn't turning out the way one expected or you've found yourself wanting more in life isn't depression. It's ambition.

    Quote Originally Posted by Buttercup View Post
    Having been born/raised in the often cloudy, cold, stormy Midwest of the US and by contrast having lived the past 20 years in the sunny and warm Desert Southwest, I can say (with experience) it's much easier to deal with depression in sunshine and warmth. Another helpful factor is in nicer climes you're usually able to get "out and about" as you please (not cooped up in a house/apartment with snow and ice to contend with).
    I live in sunny SoCal where it's always sunny and 75F 200 days out of the year; I can say that I do get tired of the sun and usually, by August, I'm getting a little depressed. The constant sun can wear on you; I've lived in Wisconsin and Bariloche. The weather at those places can be dreary, but I learn to make the most of my standard warm sunny-days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swift View Post
    I love volunteering (I know I've said this before). I can honestly say that I met my wife through my volunteering and a high percentage of my friends (most of the rest have been through work). I doubt anyone will remember me for my scientific work; but I will be very happy if I am remembered for my volunteer service.
    Lol, I may not be as ecstatic as you, but I volunteer, as well. Right now, for my party, at least until the general election.

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    It's certainly not so good feeling that way.
    However, venting is good blowing up is not!

    It sounds like a change would be helpful.
    A change is as good as a rest and a holiday is break from the norm.

    Alternatively you could listen to something different

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ara Pacis View Post
    I know the feeling. Sounds more like dysthymia than actual clinical depression if it's a long term thing. there may be medicines for that, as well as non-pharmacological ways, such as certain foods or activities. Staying up all night (or whatever you sleep-time is) is supposed to help break a depressive mood, and dark chocolate has chemicals that improve mood, as do other foods, as does physical exercise.
    You know, I was thinking the same thing. Dysthymia, by definition is a low grade, long term depression but it's not uncommon to slip into episodes of major depression. It sounds like banquo's_bumble_puppy has (not that I am diagnosing or anything). I echo anyone who has already said therapy, if you are not already in therapy. I went through one of those slumps about two years ago. As stupid as it sounds, it was a music CD that set me off. It kept making me sadder and sadder but I couldn't stop listening to it. Coming out of it could have been a natural part of the cycle but right around the same time, I read a really funny book (laughing out loud type of funny). I think it gave me enough of a temporary lift to get motivated again. I have simple humor so it may not be as funny to you but it's worth a shot. History if the Millenium by Dave Barry and after that I read I'll Mature When I'm Dead, also by Dave Barry. I know you said that you lost interest in reading but the first book I mentioned consists entirely of mini-mock-news stories. You can pick it up and put it down without feeling obligated to finish chapters. Either way, I have them both and if you were interested, I can ship them to you (my treat). If not, I hope you keep searching till you find something that works.

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    I can't imagine suicide, it directly contradicts my long term goal of living forever.

    Coincidently I recently realized just how scary death is. Sometimes I just randomly think about something, and that happened to be the latest topic. Just, the end, and all that awaits is nothingness. Unthinkable......

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    Quote Originally Posted by aquitaine View Post
    I can't imagine suicide, it directly contradicts my long term goal of living forever.
    As comedian Steven Wright said, "I'm planning to live forever. So far, my plan is going perfectly".
    At night the stars put on a show for free (Carole King)

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    I'll kick the bucket the instant before I die. I don't think it's possible to accomplish in reverse order.

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