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Thread: Mass mailing - advice sought

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    Mass mailing - advice sought

    A company I work for needs to send out regular newsletters. These are strictly on a "subscriber only" basis - obviously I would never work for a spammer!

    We don't want to use Outlook at the moment to send out these newsletters. Instead, I have been asked to look into Swiftpage and Pure who provide this service for a fee.

    Does anybody have any experience with either of these? Any advice, ranging from, "They are worth every penny" to "Don't touch them with a bargepole!" would be appreciated.

    The company I work for is very small, and money is extremely tight.

    Thanks in advance. Last time I asked a technical question here (about how to get rid of a worm and how to get a projector working) I got some great answers and was able to solve my problems.

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    Have you looked at phplist?
    It might be what you need.

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    If your company uses a web hosting service you probably have a mailing list option available. The web hosting service I use has a mailing list available included in the basic package (read basic as being the cheapest). The cost of the complete web hosting package is about 1/3 that of SwiftPage.

    If you don't use a web hosting service then I would look at what moog suggested.

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    One sideways suggestion, check with your email provider. Some of them try to quash (squash? I guess both work.) spam by limiting the number of addressees you can have.
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    Thanks very much for your responses, moog, orionjim and Jim.

    moog: I checked out phplist, and may be able to use it in the future, but for the current issue it's too limited on the number of recipients you can post to. I didn't know till after I'd posted, but we actually have 900 subscribers, which surprises me.

    orionjim: The web hosting route is the one we will probably take. The problem with it is that the CMS is hard to use, which is frustrating because I'm reasonably clued up with HTML, CSS and even PHP. I end up spending ages trying to tweak something that I could do in minutes if I had access to the code - and for complicated reasons, the host provider are not able to help us as much as we would prefer.

    Jim: You've actually hit the nail on the head! We were using straight email, and got flagged up as spam. Which was galling, because we hate spammers as much as anyone.

    Anyway, thanks again, everyone.

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