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Thread: Hope yet.

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    Hope yet.

    I have noticed that here in New Zealand the media seem to have smartened up their reporting methods..

    That a more in depth and informative approach has been evident.

    and that it only takes one fool to spoil that perception..

    I feel encouraged by the apparent fullness and detail of newscasters in this country...

    Its like they have come to there senses.. I would like to here your views ?

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    Hi astromark
    Can you give some examples ?

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    You refer to Science reporting? Not much clarity seen in the UK mainstream since budgets at the BBC tightened up four or five years ago, exacerbated by News International's bleating about Auntie taking over the Web with good stuff.
    The Daily Telegraph remains a credible resource, with content available without subscriptions.
    Yahoo is probably the same everywhere, you get the picture?

    What prompts the OP? Fresh commisioning editors in place? Legislation curbing Press hyperbole? Expanding budgets?
    Would be nice if a trend, not just a blip.

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