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Thread: Neverland Miniseries on Sci-Fi

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    Neverland Miniseries on Sci-Fi

    Neverland is a prequel to the classic tale of Peter Pan. The show is quite well done, well acted, and dramatically presented... except for some B.A.

    An orb transports the entire cast of Pan (indians, pirates, Hook, and all the kids) to another planet supposedly in the middle of the universe.

    Here's the B.A.:

    The pirates have been there for hundreds of years and their original captain has been making astronomical observations. She notices that there is no Polaris but Orion is in the wrong place, so she concludes they are in another galaxy.

    That's so wrong on so many levels.

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    That's the old "galaxy" for "solar system" mistake made far too often.

    Plus the "Polaris is readily identifiable and really noticeable" mistake.
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    To be fair, I haven't seen this one---but, so far, Sci-Fi has absolutely destroyed anything they have got their grubby hands on. If it's anything like their other productions, BA is the least of the concerns.

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    I'm just surprised they didn't call it Ultrapirate Versus Megacrocodile in the vein of their other "original" productions.
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