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One of the most exciting sections of this forum is the "Against the Mainstream" because, apart from being extremely interesting and informative, it is in effect a semi-viable layman's publication, in that presented theories and hypotheses are allowed to come to light and be reviewed - quite ruthlessly - by the very astute forum members. Furthermore, the search database is available to the public as a whole rather than cordoned off to an elite that either has access to journals through a university, a research institution, or has considerable dosh on hand.

Frankly, in many ways this method of review more dynamic and with greater scrutiny than one can expect from published journals - which leads me to wonder - wouldn't it be worthwhile to have an all-encompassing 'WikiScience' online journal where, as in Wikipedia, the peer review is open to the public at large? Sure, I can already hear the critics baying that it wouldn't work because one wouldn't know if the reviewers were lettered experts or rank amateurs.

Personally, I would find that more exciting and ultimately would produce a much more refined end-product. Thoughts, please?



P.S.; Admins & Moderators: I did a search but could not find much that pertains to this topic. If that be my shortcoming, please place in the appropriate area, or if already discussed ad nauseam, delete. Thanx.