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Thread: Peru video: meteor, contrail, space junk?

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    Peru video: meteor, contrail, space junk?

    This video from Peru has been doing the rounds, and seems to be unquestioningly reported as a meteor/meteorite (it even "caused forest fires" ). To me it just looks like a jet contrail illuminated by the sun. Initially the video was reported as being shot at 2pm but it turns out it was 4.50pm or thereabouts (and 10 days earlier than originally reported) which puts it a little over an hour before sunset.

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    We already have a similar video being discussed in the Elenin thread in CT, it's a contrail illuminated by the setting sun.
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    Yes, that's what I thought. What's ridiculous is that this one being unquestioningly reported as a meteor by the mainstream media, with so-called "experts" apparently searching for the landing site! It does make you wonder if anyone ever looks up at the sky from day to day - surely if they did they'd recognise these trails immediately?

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