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Thread: Missing: One Hypersonic Glider (again?)

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    With a smaller version. Mach 5-8, 4000km, hit the target.

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    "There's a demon out there at Mach 1 between Mach 6 and Mach 20."
    I may have many faults, but being wrong ain't one of them. - Jimmy Hoffa

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    Quote Originally Posted by slang View Post
    Remember that when the ICBM was introduced, the thinking was that bombers would no longer be necessary.
    That has more validity than you might imagine. The very reason Khrushchev support missile development was to avoid having to compete blow-per-blow with the US force projection infrastructure left after WWII. Later, he was removed and they tried a carrier, kept looking for a B-52 equivalent, and went broke.

    Even here, people are questioning the use of Carriers

    With Iran very far from Israel, the Jericho missile looks to be an option. Stand-off weapons are really becoming more and more of a reality, and cheaper than operating many bases. What I want folks to help me understand is this: Why so much focus on some of the hypersonic airbreathing concepts eleswhere? I seem to remember an op-ed where folks praised the all solid skybolt over any of the new wave hypersonic missile concepts. All I have heard in the way of chatter was that Skybolt was TOO good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravens_cry View Post
    Yes, that's why we had Apollo 12 visiting Surveyor III.
    When we send a manned mission to Mars, we can take a look around some of our earlier probes, maybe even bring some of them home.
    They deserve it.
    I know it seems silly to give anthromorphic traits to our robots, but I don't know of anyone who was a "fan" of the rovers who didn't do it. The comic is actually kind of sad.

    And yes, they do deserve it.

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    Probable cause of the failure has been released.

    Skin-peeling speed doomed hypersonic glider, U.S. says
    "The most probable cause of the HTV-2 Flight 2 premature flight termination was unexpected aeroshell degradation," the research group explained in a new statement on the test flight.

    Translation: The unmanned glider was streaking through the atmosphere when its outer skin started to rip off the airframe.

    I got a chuckle at this comment:
    DARPA knew friction from the glider passing through the air so fast would cause it to heat up.
    Considering that's a given in aerodynamics, I would hope they know.

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