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Thread: Universe is not homogeneous as far as we know

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    A question for stardad when he gets back from his hiatus.

    This idea that the laws of physics change throughout the Universe... I'm interested why you think they would change throughout the Universe? Generally things stay the same unless there is a mechanism for change.

    Do you have a mechanism to propose for the change of laws throughout the Universe? It would seem otherwise that the sensible assumption would be that the laws are static unless there is evidence found to the contrary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stardad View Post
    To discuss this we would need unbiased moderation. I hope we find that here.
    I do hope you are not going to use the sad old trick of repeatedly breaking the rules so you get banned before "having a chance to answer" (and then tell all your friends about how that proves the moderators are biased). It is so unoriginal and just comes across as intellectually dishonest.

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    Okay, that's enough of the pot shots. This thread is closed pending stardad's return.


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