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Thread: The Sun Whole Disk H-Alpha, Lunt 60 Solar Scope

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    Hi All,

    The Sun In Hydrogen Alpha Light on 03-23-11 @ 6:05 pm E.S.T.
    Canon Rebel Xsi DSLR at prime Focus attached to a
    Lunt Solar Scope 60mm/50mm HA filter, BF1200,
    1/40 second exposure for the Prominences,
    and 1/500 exposure second for the solar surface detail

    You can definitely see prominences/flares coming off the edges, and Nice Sunspot group near the bottom.
    Very nice to watch live!

    No tracking, simply mounted on a tripod,
    I captured this image from my backyard in Dayton, Ohio

    The thunder storms just blew through, and the skies were still hazy,
    plus the Sun was low only 30 degrees off the horizon,
    Considering the conditions it turn out Okay!
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    Very Nice!

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