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Even if it's legit, it's moronic, a 1x1 pixel image in a 10+kB file. It fits in 35 bytes if stored as gif.
And the unfortunate fact that http://www.hqhrt.com/ shows an Apache test page makes it rather unlikely to be legit, though it's stuffed in there as if it was a tracking/statistics gathering link.
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That said, it loads faster for me than the other images which may be related to the IP being in Sweden.
The thing I see loading slowest is the Skype presence icon next to IsaacKuo's avatar which took 24 seconds to load.
I spot-checked other vBulletin sites. Some of them have it, and some of them don't. I can't find any official discussion on the vBulletin forums about it. I'm going to try to get Fraser's attention and have him look into it.