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Thread: THe causes & effects of highly ionized H2O

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    20110412 8:30AM pdT
    near space = cosmic terms TBD
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    by now 20100723 revised 20110412 see #34?
    THUS return to the idea of the IOnized H2O falling down from above as fine mist
    as it approaced the port hole i was watching from
    it would pause as it neared {the porthole}? like charge (my guess +
    then suddenly splat on the glass did not bead up ?no surface tension?
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    20110412 "Japan raised" as_japan_earthquake
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    20110412 8am edit1

    The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 1 characters.
    YES: i AM trying { my dictionary indicates the spelling to be Lying {{ now back to the Elements ?
    i've heard NHK report IOdine {{{ & i aLways wonder where in the CHemists notebook of what is
    Happening here Where is that Element coming from? is it a Daughter of Element 110 for example
    REMember ? this E.C.S. in the Late '60s put my name on 110 when we were doing Ir/ Pt group
    Junk. WeLL actuaLLy he named it after my birth month January (Called it Janium) You can refer
    to 110 by its city name if you prefer the new version of the chemist periodic table {I AM no
    chemist. they do not like me hanging about asking stupid questions about what year 110
    was name after a city and they do not like for me to say JanIamUN (NezP ACcent ((Comprenda'?
    Now where was i headed (OH yeah the Cities (( that are now GoCost Towns ((( maid for PRimE Time TV
    & the % IOdime in the Sea Water {out 60 Miles

    Quote Originally Posted by Bozola View Post
    That's a base claim. I'd say they're lye-ing....

    Oh geez. Hang on to your wallets. The correct form is -OH, not OH-, as the negative charge is coming from an unfilled orbital on the Oxygen, not the Hydrogen. Ain't no such thing as "HO". The H+ actually exists in a H(+)H20 form; there is no free floating proton.

    The ions in "deionized" water refer generally to alkali metal salts, not hydroxy or hydronium radicals.
    I AM not sure IOdine is an alkali(n) metal salt i'LL try to find a lnk prior to 8 pdt and enter 1 below
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    20110415 NooN pdT 2000 GMT?

    F29 Li BA? WEEKLY?
    SUn 24 one of those ? days MON25 another 1
    Wed 20 Salmon St Spacific Preformance Video Lite Wind BP on OPB 4:12pdt 7E
    Tue 19 Food ? day see pd below L19
    Mon18 Laundry day pdT
    4:18:00:000 Fri Apr 15, 10 PM Victor ISHAEV:
    2011 04/17 3:45AM pdT aLL right? time for me to take action
    & file a series of complaints AGAINST the ICC about NHK &
    aLL things NiPOn reguarding activities contain in an area
    as discussed in an oral tradition on land in the NW corner of above

    16th the machine forgot to log me in? Anyway 1. to ASK about H2O ions caused by I & RD3 aLso
    15th.You are not logged in. { thats because i rebooted XP and 4got2
    i'LL be moving my speratic propaganda HERE instead of 7
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    09 it seams clear enough to me that soon the (um}? sPiecies Questions become more sPacific ? H2O+ ? Wicked R.
    20110508 Memphis has been on local TV:? {Listen its not going to be Easy to tune in d'Tails {{ try bedbug toxin {{{search
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    Dear Hub', who are you and why do you write like that?

    yours sincerely,
    everybody else

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Radiation_Specialist View Post
    Dear Hub', who are you and why do you write like that?

    yours sincerely,
    everybody else
    Um: I REMember how to chang color I do not REMember how to change size sorry
    As2WHO { i guess you mean World Health ORganIZations
    I consider myself the gods of war #1 test DumMy for modern weapons Like Atomic Chemical Biological
    thus i seam to have sirvived thus far Now back to Radition test of FUKushima Waters & the eXpected TV Time Limite 4iT
    7:27:21.123 aM sPacific Time ACtually give or take a pico

    AS to Y i use a keyboard & 26 LeTTers I do not actuall do SO sometime$ i make an H like /-/ < that he he

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    I wish I could say I hadn't seen worse butchering of the English language from fellow students in my literature class, but then I'd be lying.

    I'd be worried about this post being off topic...but then I'm not sure what the heck the topic still is anymore.

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    6:17:18.9 pdT { i do NOT eXactly UNderstady Y the origionally parts do not carry forward? /-/Ub"

    Quote Originally Posted by HUb' View Post

    My GUESS: wiLL be "the vertical colume"(||) had stucture?/?
    by that i mean it was actually a solid something like ice (the arangement}?
    i do not in my wildest imagination visualize 21 thousand feet of (fluid) ?/?/?

    tue sched apt/bbc\5:30 crt/tennis\8:30 NA/computer\9:30 Stott/roof\10:30
    CH1/SW\12:34 tomorrows 2010 r u Le (LiT)

    20100713 yeah: i checked the date the time is now about 6:50
    Quick Navigation Science and Technology
    6:54 my approach "showthread" click HU
    THe causes & effects of highly ionized H2O Posted by HUb', 11-July-2010 01:47 PM Replies: 17 Views: 538 Last Post: Today 01:09 PM by Swift Forum: Science and
    ?"FRICTION"? 6:57

    to get the true AROMA click #19
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    1:23:45.678 gmT Nine Let there be little doubt i'LL be offering My Name in the Case/casE / entity
    Quote Originally Posted by Cobra1597 View Post
    I wish I could say I hadn't seen worse butchering of the English language from fellow students in my literature class, but then I'd be lying.

    I'd be worried about this post being off topic...but then I'm not sure what the heck the topic still is anymore.

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    31st end of the month entry? i'LL probably be going to BiMonthly's {aLLthough i donno
    27th yeah: the BUG/502 WARd's are ongoing / sprayer gone | recoPing takes days/Weeks/ or Months

    21 wiLL no doubt be OFFed a while for the NEW revised Revision of the origional revised revision revised (Apt 502

    20110519/18 5/13/
    Radioactive contamination is accumulating in / May 13, 2011 3:30pm EDT / Comments (1)


    to avoid the limits inpoised by a 26 letter alphabet {Naturally i dumped the idea at a very Earily age
    in the first grade actually { IN THE FIRST GRADE: i Learned (um}: the methods OF?
    what i'LL term "putting the TeaCH 'OUT' " & I guess i became skilled at it eveN to the point
    it became more instinctive rather than a practiced methodology etc
    over the years | having been OUtED from Hi ER .edu over & over &OVER again
    developed my own theory as to why Public education behaves the WAY it does
    I call it iLL-Logical negativism & its represented for the most part by (Um}?
    presupposing that Logical Positivism is simply a sub set of iLL-Logical
    negatavism. that is to say iLL-Logical Negativism includes Logical positivism
    but the reverse does not apply Logical Positivism does not CAN NOT
    include i- and thus my - affillEation with .edu'$ etc etc
    this now rported i'LL try to move along back to the topic at hand "THE EFFECTS" of
    and what comes to mind, R the TV events about the ImF & IcC etc etc
    WhiTch i find rather HUmMmerous, actuaLLy a Farce in (how many acts was it again
    MoNth$ | Shirley not Weaks | berhaps Deck Aids | i doonO, how many glass of water were
    consumed? What color was the glass? Clear? SturoFoAM? whit paper? not a clue 4Me. /-/
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    Summer Terms

    20110615 trip to VA day { will try to get some litmus paper later

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