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Thread: The Difference a Telescope Makes (Comparison Moon Pictures)

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    The Difference a Telescope Makes (Comparison Moon Pictures)

    I recently bought a 4 inch reflecting telescope and just finally managed to get my astrophotography to an acceptable level.

    Here is a picture taken through a pair of binoculars.

    And here is another picture, this time taken through a 20mm eyepiece on a 4 inch reflecting telescope.

    The difference (to me at least) is astounding; now if only I could get the money together to buy a decent SLR and a larger telescope...

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    A web cam and software like Registax to process the image (free) is FAR superior to a DSLR for this type of imaging. This is because with a DSLR you can take only a very few images, virtually all messed up by the atmosphere. A web cam can take 30 a second (uncompressed) in an AVI stream. That's a thousand images in a minute or two. Software finds the clear ones. It also finds features that have been moved by seeing but are clear. If you just stack these the moving features blur the image a bit. The software can put them back where they belong before stacking. The result is an image sharper than you saw at the eyepiece when done by an expert. Does have a steep learning curve but the results are amazing. Besides such cameras are far cheaper than a DSLR. But not designed for deep sky work. For that a DSLR or CCD is best. A case of the right tool for the job.


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    Rick is spot on. The statistical, lucky approach to imaging the Moon and planets produces remarkable results. You also get very low-noise data so you can use tools like deconvolution and wavelets to sharpen the image.

    Here is a shot of the Moon taken with this approach. It is a mosaic of three separate video streams.

    The full shot and description is on my web site.
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    Thanks for the advice guys. I'd be interested in trying out the web cam approach if I could get my hands on a decent enough laptop. Just when you think you've got a grasp on a subject, the door opens and everything just spills out. I understand why it takes so many years to come close to mastering this art.

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