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Thread: Life-Enabling Molecules Spotted in Orion Nebula

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    Life-Enabling Molecules Spotted in Orion Nebula



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    The fact (?) that there is a nitrogen-bearing molecule in the mixture makes the finding sound optimistic. IMHO... But, there has yet to found glycine from what I have gathered from scanned publications and websites from around the globe.

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    Hey that's funny, thinking that the mayas called the Orion Nebula Xibalba and that it was their place where the soulds die and are given a new life (in the movie The Fountain at least). Finding life-enabling molecules in it only adds to the thing!

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    From the article:
    By sifting through the pattern of spikes in Orion nebula's light signature, or spectrum, astronomers have identified a few common molecules that are precursors to life-enabling molecules, including water, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, methanol, dimethyl ether, hydrogen cyanide, sulfur oxide and sulfur dioxide.
    For anyone who wanted the recipe.
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