View Full Version : Need ideas to promote my IYA2009 Project

Captain Chris
2009-Aug-24, 09:50 PM
Hi folks! My IYA2009 project is called AstronomyTop100.com - it's sort of what happens if you mix Carl Sagan's Cosmos with Fox's American Idol. I've been using Twitter and the LinkedIn Groups to get somewhat knowledgeable people to help reduce the list of nominations to a "Top 40" list (i.e., the top 5 in each of the 8 categories). I'm almost done with that, so I'm getting ready for "Round Two" (reducing the Top 40 to the Top 10) in order to set up the Final Round (hopefully going national to a mass audience). To date, I've limited publicity to avoid a repeat of the "Stephen Colbert" problem NASA faced earlier this year. My question is: How do I promote the voting to more Astronomy-minded people? Any ideas? Thanks