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2009-Jul-28, 10:04 AM
Do we have many UK visitors to this site? I'm new to the forums having had my enthusiasm for Astronomy reignited after listening to the excellent Astronomy Cast.

So I've decided to take my son (he's 8) to the National Space Centre in Leicester. I live only 20 miles away, and didn't even know about it until yesterday, so I can't wait to pay a visit.

Is it good? Is there anything I should look out for? Any general tips?

2009-Jul-28, 10:12 AM
Do we have many UK visitors to this site?

With "this" I assume you mean BAUT forums, rather than the site in your topic. First of all, welcome! The answer is yes, there are quite a few regulars and even a couple of moderators here from the UK.

2009-Jul-28, 10:18 AM
Yeah, I meant the BAUT community. Thanks for the welcome! :)

2009-Jul-28, 10:31 AM
and us out in the ' colonies ' spend a few hours looking up.:) Welcome devejm.

2009-Jul-28, 11:38 AM
Slightly biased as I work at the National Space Centre, but I think it is amazing. We have loads of Apollo 11 stuff going on at the moment, including a debate in the afternoons about the conspiracy theories surrounding the moon landings which can get pretty heated!

If you wait until later in the year we have an Astronomy evening with the lovely Leicester Astronomical Society, which is great fun.

Oh I forgot to to mention we have a new planetarium show for IYA 2009 entitled We are Astronomers which is included in your ticket and is really good.

Not trying to plug the Centre, just trying to give you the answers buddy.

2009-Jul-28, 12:29 PM
Cheers, sounds great.

I'm definately coming along tommorow, but as I live so close to Leicester it makes it easy to come back anytime so I'm sure I'll be visiting again!

2009-Jul-28, 03:22 PM
By the way, both davejm and Trintytrashuk, welcome to BAUT! Please stick around, it sounds like you both have much to contribute.

2009-Jul-28, 08:27 PM
The power of BAUT... if the expertise isn't here yet, it will show up as needed :)

2009-Jul-30, 06:59 AM
For a space enthusiast, there will be a few things that will grab your attention, some of the artefacts are fascinating. Much of it will probably be quite boring for you however. Kids would get more out of it - but be careful, typically a fair few things are not working. For a real space enthusiast, the complete Soyuz spacecraft is worth the price of admission alone.

2009-Jul-30, 09:24 AM
Cheers everyone. Thanks for the welcome, and I'm pleased to say we really loved the Space Centre.

The complete Soyuz was amazing to see, and it was really cool seeing the rockets which are housed in a really cool tower with multiple exhibits on different floors. Everything was really well presented, and the little guy loved every second of it.

The space theatre was brilliant. It's a 360 degree cinema dome, and we saw two shows yesterday. The first was a 'tour of the night sky'; a planetarium style show where they showed the stars in the sky and a guy talked us through some of the constellations. The second was a show called 'we are astronomers' which was a movie discussing the advances in telescope technology with the message that "everyone can get interested in astronomy and help explore the cosmos"... that type of thing.

Great stuff!

2009-Aug-13, 11:51 AM
Glad you enjoyed it, We Are Astronomers is one of the best Space Theatre shows ever, so we are very proud of that (made here in Leicester you know!)

Hope you upgraded to an Annual Pass so you can come back and see all the new stuff we have coming!

2009-Aug-13, 02:13 PM
Yeah I upgraded to the annual pass. Looking forward to coming back. What stuff is coming up?