View Full Version : New logo at the top eh?

Mr. X
2003-Aug-07, 01:32 AM
It's nice. Better than the other one I believe.

So solemn. :D

The Supreme Canuck
2003-Aug-07, 02:06 AM
I like it. It's more streamlined.

2003-Aug-07, 02:18 AM
Yes, because now it goes to the Bad Astronomy home page, which I think it didn't before?

But--the Tooltip needs to be fixed. It says "Bad Astronomy Bulletin Board Forum Index", which it isn't anymore. I think the logo ought to read "Bad Astronomy Home Page" (and the Tooltip ought to say that) if that's where the clickthrough goes.

Everbody's a critic, I know, I know... :D

The Supreme Canuck
2003-Aug-07, 02:20 AM
It always went to the home page. For me, anyway.

Mr. X
2003-Aug-07, 02:27 AM
It always did, Jigsaw. :D

Pi Man
2003-Aug-07, 02:55 AM
I like the new one better. The old one was cool, but the new one is cooler! :D

2003-Aug-07, 04:56 AM
Sorry - had to donkey vote... What can I say? I'm a jack [naughty word]! :wink:

2003-Aug-07, 05:03 AM
What's a Logo?

2003-Aug-07, 06:07 AM
Nice. Fits better my slim body (http://www.tctv.ne.jp/members/sawanoya/ges15.5.30.JPG) ;-)
And the BA may save a few GB transfer volume...

2003-Aug-07, 11:32 AM
Is that you Kucharek?

Whenever I've clicked on the logo before it would just take me the forum index, when it said Bad Astronomy. :-? -Colt

2003-Aug-07, 11:43 AM
Is that you Kucharek?
Yup, me and my family during our stay in Japan in June. We didn't went there in summer because of the heat, but: Current temperature in Karlsruhe: 39C, Tokyo 30C... How's Alaska...? :)

2003-Aug-07, 02:18 PM
Didn't really notice the new logo until I read this thread :oops: , but I like it. Tidier.

Pi Man
2003-Aug-08, 03:20 AM
I guess I'm just observant, for noticing it.

Mr. X
2003-Aug-08, 03:22 AM
Hrm hrm...

Need I remind you of just WHO started this pointless thread. 8)

That's right. These aren't the droids you're looking for. Move along. :lol: