View Full Version : MESSENGER Venus images?

2007-Aug-31, 05:22 AM
Are the raw images of the MESSENGER Venus flyby available anywhere yet? All I've found are these ones at:


I was hoping to find some more Venus approach ones (along with some more info, I don't know what filter that approach image was taken in) but they seem to be really hard to track down if they've even been released...

2007-Aug-31, 06:56 AM
Are the raw images of the MESSENGER Venus flyby available anywhere yet?

I haven't seen that the MESSENGER project is committed to providing all raw images near-real-time like Cassini and MER have done. I suspect you've seen everything they intend you to see at this time.

I do see a document (http://pds.nasa.gov/documents/pag/DMSAP_SignOff_19Nov021.doc) (Word) that says the team will provide Venus flyby 2 data to PDS 6 months after 2nd Venus flyby encounter.

6.1 Data Rights and Release Policy

Because of the expected widespread scientific and public interest in new results from Mercury and the strong commitment of the MESSENGER project to releasing data on a timely basis, it is important to establish a clear policy for data dissemination to both the general public and the science community. The MESSENGER project recognizes the importance of disseminating the data and measurements it will acquire during its mission in a prompt and timely fashion. As stated in the MESSENGER CSR, the project is committed to providing all mission data as soon as processing and validation are complete, thus insuring the highest quality control on all data released.

Table 7 provides the schedule for delivery of EDRs from the MESSENGER project to the PDS, as specified in the MESSENGER CSR. The CSR does not specify a schedule for delivery of the Venus flyby data. Based on the Mercury flyby delivery schedule, the MESSENGER project will delivery all Venus flyby data after the completion of the second Venus flyby. The MESSENGER CSR commits the project to delivering all RDRs to the PDS within 12 months of the end of mission.

I don't know what "timely" means to them -- next day? Or, next year.

It's a big, rich document. Their intentions may well be stated there. I'm not up to parsing it all, though.