View Full Version : Two new New Zealand volcanoes discovered.

2007-May-22, 08:34 AM
Geologists have discovered two new underwater volcanoes off the north-east coast of New Zealand.
The Geologists were investigating the past behaviour and risk of volcanoes in the Kermadec Arc, near Raoul Island, when they made their discovery.
The volcanoes are relatively small, with crater summits about one-fifth the size of Mount Ruapehu's; however, one volcano has a crater that measures 1000 metres in depth from the rim to the crater floor.

At Raoul, two new submerged caldera volcanoes were found. Both volcanoes have relatively small craters, some 4 km in diameter (just under a fifth of Ruapehu's crater diameter and half that of Wellington Harbour). One crater is very deep, measuring about 1000 m from the rim to the crater floor. Both volcanoes appear geologically young in the order of thousands of years old but laboratory analysis of sediments will be needed to properly assess their age.

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Peter Wilson
2007-May-22, 11:22 PM
That would be one new New Zealand volcanoes discovered and one new, new New Zealand volcanoes discovered ;)