View Full Version : I talked to Nancy on C2Coast last night.

2003-Apr-27, 05:38 AM
I got through to coast to coast on friday night when Nancy Leader was on.

Here is the jist of the call:

I said, you have your web site in 20 languages, correct? She said yes. How many visits do you get each day? I asked. She got confused on the question, until George Noorey said, you mean web site hits?? She replied that he has no Idea. Coast to Coast then cut me off the line. :x

I wanted to ask her, if she has had thousands, if not hundereds of thousands of visitors to zetatalk.com from all around the world in 20 languages since its inception, don't you think you would have hundereds of eye witness accounts and dozens and dozens of photos?? So far, I have only seen 10 to 15 so called planet x pictures. I think she is full of crap.

2003-Apr-27, 06:07 AM
First of all: Welcome to the board!!! :-)

Yes i remeber your question. It was a good one. :-) The show was a very funny one.

My favorite part was when she would "channel" the Zetas in throught herself. (I really think that she has multipler personality disorder, or something similar if she really does hear voices). Also the Nakked Chili date was weird, but funny :-) and Orson Wells was also a Zeta talker? Hahahaha Lol :lol:.

I am very sure she counts hits to her site. I would be very surprised if she does not. It makes her seem sketchy if she counts hits.

But i would agree with the hundreds of thousands of hits. But i do not think those are unique hits. It is probobly only a couple thousand visiting a few times a week each. This could count for the hundreds of thouands she says.

I can't remeber, but does she ask for a cookie when visiting the site? If she does, there is your answer. Sure you can count hits by I.P. adresses, but cookies is one easy way.

2003-Apr-27, 06:08 AM
That was you? Yea, that was pretty sad, it seems they always cut off people who catch on quick. And is'nt it funny how whenevr somone asks Nancy to prove her word that scientists are wrong she just says that astronomers and science are proved that humans are stupid? She never answers a single question. I remember the time i emailed her and told her if she knew how a democracy worked after she said in one of her irc chats that democracy has failed, and she said the zetas proved demoacrcy wrong and said it never solved communism and facisim. I was like huh???? I don;t bother callin coast to coast cuz i would never have the chance to talk to smart people like Phil PLait, cuz norry always fills the slots with physco maniacs.

2003-Apr-27, 06:09 AM
P.S. heh, the show is only good for a coupel laughs :roll:

Jerod S.
2003-Apr-27, 08:59 AM
My favorite call occured right around the time that ChrisR called. There was a very self-assured fellow who called and opened with "Yeah, I find all of this terribly amusing but I don't believe a word of it." It sounded like a friend of mine I haven't seen in ages in his no-nonsense, cut to the chase mannerism and the dry, cocky timbre. The other thought I kept having...each time Nancy went into Zeta mode, I continued to get a mental image of her wearing a hands-free cell phone and standing there like the Harry character in "Third Rock From The Sun" when he does that "Incoming message from The Big Giant Head" bit. I blame someone on this board for that (though I can't recall who now), as it was suggested months ago that an analogy was present. :lol:

2003-Apr-27, 09:09 PM
Hey, I thought it was common knowledge that Nancy communicates with the Zetans through her microwave oven. ;)