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2003-Dec-10, 02:32 AM
SUMMARY: NASA astronaut Michael Foale beat the current US record for endurance in space today when he surpassed 230 cumulative days - a record set by Carl Walz back in June 2002. Foale has been a member of six space shuttle crews and two space station crews. One of his longest times in orbit was when he served as a flight engineer aboard the Mir space station in 1997. Russian cosmonaut Sergei Avdeyev holds the record with 748 cumulative days in space, and Valery Polyakov's 438-day mission was the most consecutive days in space. Foale has some catching up to do.

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2003-Dec-10, 02:35 AM
Holy cow... much as I would love to spend some time in orbit, there's no way I could spend that amount of time away from my friends and family, especially in such a restricted living area...