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2010-Dec-02, 11:08 PM

2010-Dec-02, 11:15 PM
Minimum collision speed is of the order of tens of kilometers per second. Moon would probably penetrate very deep into the atmosphere then explode.

2010-Dec-02, 11:50 PM
That response makes me glad I didn't spend too much time thinking about this one! ;) Atmospheric friction on entry would play havoc!

2010-Dec-05, 06:54 PM
RodHic, are you really proposing an ATM idea you are willing to defend, or is this just speculation?

2010-Dec-05, 08:37 PM
Just speculation, but obviously against the mainstream thinking so I posted here.

2010-Dec-07, 05:22 PM
For something like this, you'd post it in ATM as a hypothesis, defend the idea to the degree that you can, and see the reasons that it might or might not work. In this case, it would probably be resolved in well less than 30 days. There's no shame in proposing an idea, and then later agreeing that it was not workable.

forrest noble
2010-Dec-09, 02:55 AM

Jupiter's Red Spot-what if?

Something seems to have been dropped from this thread, such as the Opening Post :), "what if" : "g"
which leaves a lot to the imagination :razz:

I remember there was something to it other than the "g" that now remains :think:

Something like a comet or moon crashing into Jupiter creating a several hundred or thousands of year old storm vortex that we now call the "red spot" :confused:

In any event I do like korjik's answer :)

2010-Dec-09, 03:25 AM

That is just ridiculous! :P