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2004-Mar-17, 06:31 PM
This is being planned in my county right now. I just heard about it a couple months ago. Anyone living in north central Indiana may be interested in this.

This site plans to include the following:

1. MAIN ARGUS BUILDING - Anchored by first-class visual and photographic instruments at both ends, this structure will serve many purposes, including research, education, and meetings.

2. 20" CASSEGRAIN REFLECTOR - Permanently installed on its pier mount, this sophisticated observatory-class telescope can be employed for both photographic and visual applications with the help of
its on-board computer.

3. LIVENGOOD DOME - This will house our permanently mounted 16" reflector telescope.

4. 36" REFLECTOR - This is the largest telescope in active public service in Indiana! “Awesome” can only begin to describe its size, and the views it can provide.

5. 25" REFLECTOR - This visual instrument will allow the observer to probe the depths of space, viewing targets far beyond the reach of most amateur telescopes.

6. SOLAR TELESCOPE - Designed to view sunspots and solar prominences. The hydrogen-alpha filter equipped NEARSTAR Telescope will allow ARGUS to be operational night and day.

7. 7" REFRACTOR - Provides jaw-dropping views of planets, double stars and deep-sky objects.

8. LARGE-FORMAT BINOCULARS & MOUNT - Essentially two telescopes bound together, this provides a spectacular 3D panoramic view of the heavens.

9. SPACE PORT - These ten slabs, each with its own power supply, will provide access to those individuals who wish to use their own equipment.

10. RADIO TELESCOPE - (not shown) Not all astronomy involves the visible spectrum. This installation will allow exploration in this fascinating realm.

11. ELECTRICAL/HEATING SYSTEM - ARGUS will be served by a self-contained solar-powered unit, and either open or closed loop geo-thermal heating and cooling.

12. Future site of Redshift - a 67" Folded Newtonian reflector telescope. This will be the largest privately owned telescope east of the Mississippi.

ARGUS project (http://www.wacaso.org/wcasargus.html)

2004-Mar-17, 06:49 PM
Very impressive. Looks like that'll be fun.

And remember, there is not one I in Argus, there's a hundred of them.