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  1. Does the universe have a finite mass? How do we know?
  2. Sirius
  3. "Frozen" Stars?
  4. Retiring the Titan
  5. A Speed of Light Question
  6. A question of balance
  7. Where do all the photons go?
  8. Moon "Mascons"
  9. More Velikovskian orbital mechanics and physics insight....
  10. Mercury's Transit (formerly Murcury)
  11. what websites will be showing Mercury crossing the sun?
  12. was there a great sea in the very past on the mars?
  13. E=mc^2...what?
  14. Do photons adhere to each other?
  15. What would you need for a Venus sample return mission?
  16. Work on photons
  17. Solar winds - lack of
  18. Geometry: Is a mobius strip a torus?
  19. dichotomy of mars
  20. Need opinions on these telescope stats
  21. Asteroids that become Comets
  22. Does any theory give omega = 0.3
  23. does matter condensate out of energy to allow time to happen?
  24. Are all the photons in a certain beam always of the same wavelength?
  25. Wanted: definition of"virial"......
  26. Backwards Traveling Light
  27. Time Dilation and "c"
  28. Converging coincidences?
  29. Time dialation
  30. JIMO and Prometheus
  31. Time travel from ring lasers....
  32. NASA Ballooning Missions
  33. Magnitude of Dark Energy
  34. Time Travel, Teleportation, The Light Barrier, and Alien Life
  35. Is there "TIME" in a completlely light universe?
  36. Moon distance 4.7b years ago
  37. ISS: Mass and Orbit
  38. When the Sun becomes a red giant...
  39. Saturn's Rings
  40. Green meteor fall
  41. Correct pronunciations
  42. WARPing
  43. A Parent Generation Solar System?
  44. emiT Time
  45. Tolman Dimming
  46. Simply space
  47. What is meant by an infinite universe?
  48. What did he see?
  49. Could "dark energy" be the lessening effect of gravity?
  50. Eternity and Vacuum Fluctuations
  51. Maintenance of other space telescopes
  52. Problems with attaching new BOINC project (thread 2)
  53. If SgrA* is a super-massive black hole, how come stars can get close it?
  54. Good book, "The eternity artifact"
  55. Brane flex?
  56. What does JPL know?
  57. Red Dwarfs
  58. highest orbital eccentricity
  59. How can we define left and right to an alien life form?
  60. which rays dicay is in blackhole
  61. What are semi-major axes?
  62. Pioneer anomaly
  63. Depth of vision into a crystal clear ocean
  64. Digital Binoculars - Does this product exist?
  65. Commercial lasers-a question
  66. Black Hole Article: am I missing something?
  67. How far do you have to get away from the Sun to get it invisible for the unaided eye?
  68. Detecting Dark Matter in the Milky Way halo?
  69. If expansion, how do galaxies collide?
  70. Does light travel in straight lines.
  71. Podcast question: Measuring distances
  72. Podcast Question: Universe Age
  73. Variable stars & HR diagram
  74. If the USA hadn't existed where would the CCCP's space accomplishments?
  75. Decay of momentum in an expanding space
  76. Vacuum tubes...in space?
  77. How likely is it that the LHC will detect the Higgs particle?
  78. Mintaka (Delta Orionis)
  79. Book recommendation?
  80. Satellite Imaging Question
  81. Origins of Rotation and Revolution
  82. Flying in a hydrogen atmosphere...speculation
  83. Victoria Crater
  84. global warming will wind-up the earth's rains and winter
  85. Memory error
  86. Speed of Light
  87. Question about Critical Density equation
  88. Orbit Inclination Conversion
  89. Gravitons
  90. Minimum coordinates necessary to define motion
  91. Speed of the Earth's Terminator
  92. Value of Hubbles constant
  93. average star density versus separation
  94. Spacecraft charging / object charging
  95. Fuel constraints on relativistic travel
  96. Question on reality of premise in "When Worlds Collide"
  97. when we adjoin the stars
  98. Accounting for ice mass on launchers
  99. Can anyone help me find more info on this meteorite from thailand?, Lots of pictures.
  100. Brian Greene
  101. Bolide over AL, Nov 28, 2006 5:15pm CST
  102. Field of View
  103. Space Gas
  104. Water Ice on Mercury?
  105. Using Ancient Neutrinos to observe the early Universe
  106. If a meteroite (Do I have the right term?) the size of Texas..
  107. Question about the galactic plane
  108. Old Terms About The ISM I don't See Anymore
  109. Star formation rate in the Milky Way
  110. What is chaos?
  111. Pressure of Moving Air
  112. Why Not Speed Of Light?
  113. Shape of the Galaxy
  114. Solar probe: Predictions?
  115. Metric and geodesic fun facts.
  116. Changing a Planet's orbit
  117. Probes around planets in a row - hatricks or better?
  118. Penrose diagrams show four possibilities
  119. Why is Phobos striated?
  120. question about "visible" universe
  121. What did I saw?
  122. Negatively Charged Particles
  123. Radiation Shielding
  124. Power of a photon? Energy of a photon
  125. No Such Thing As Gravity?
  126. Dog was the very first animal into the space?
  127. Will Phobos impact Mars?
  128. Centrifugal force and satellites
  129. Dark Matter and Our Physics
  130. How do we know where the stars really are?
  131. black holes
  132. The twins paradox (again!)
  133. Sound on the water, fire in the sky
  134. an Observation on Light
  135. Is there a statistician in the house?
  136. Why are black holes called black holes?
  137. Can there be a speed faster than the speed of light???
  138. Question on radiation levels at high altitude
  139. Why are we advertising this?
  140. SETI & Jazz
  141. Effect of stopping the rotation of a planet
  142. the problem of speed in the space
  143. Definition of a Star
  144. Looking for help with gravity
  145. What is Now?
  146. Will humans or its technology reach immortality?
  147. Solar Tsunami
  148. The Life of the Sun (and other stars)
  149. Physics with... apples!
  150. Galaxies question
  151. Hypothetical planetary question
  152. Dust discs
  153. Io's current sheet
  154. What does this symbol mean? (binary star systems)
  155. Quick question on the size of the Universe
  156. Lower Wavelength Limit
  157. preparing papers
  158. What is the very large red spot on jupiters surface?
  159. of which eclipse can be seen on the mars
  160. soccer ball universe?
  161. If the Moon was closer
  162. Planck regime - GR and QM incompatibility?
  163. Gravitational potential energy of white dwarfs
  164. Is gravity instantaneous or does it travel at the speed of light?
  165. Brans-Dicke
  166. Time dialation question
  167. Dark Energy - Speed of light
  168. Traveling through space
  169. If Omega=1, why is the universe expanding?
  170. Perlmutter's accelerated expansion
  171. measuring olympus mons
  172. Why the water drop looks oval in a glass of water
  173. speed of light, acceleration, and the human body.
  174. A hot crazzy start to the solar system
  175. Star System InterChange/Integrity
  176. Overlapping energy density environments and the frequency of radiation
  177. Sagnac experiment question
  178. Is there a chance this could work?
  179. Big (bang) Theories and even Bigger ignorance.
  180. minimum number of people needed
  181. The meaning of a "Theory of Everything"
  182. Curiosity killed the cat
  183. Shuttle question
  184. Revising count through photo interpretation
  185. x-ray diffraction
  186. Satellites of Satellites
  187. Backward light
  188. Largest practical optical telescope?
  189. What are they?
  190. Meteorite question+
  191. Planet diameters and basic trig
  192. Astrology studies
  193. Relativistic jets and black holes
  194. Another Hypothetical Question
  195. Revealing Dark Matter
  196. Birth of an Island
  197. Earth sized moons?
  198. Distant probes and solar interference
  199. Largest planet?
  200. Universal Dimensions
  201. 2 Questions
  202. Neutrons are unstable; how come neutron stars are stable?
  203. Hat-p-1
  204. could Hipparchos have done this ...
  205. Electron Spin
  206. Can I go buy 50g of dark matter, fill my tank with 800Kcal of dark energy?
  207. why do most things orbit other things?
  208. global warming & waste heat
  209. What can humans stick to?
  210. Precise Astronomical New Year
  211. why do professionals use parsecs?
  212. Realistic Timescales for Travel within the Solar System
  213. How one can learn that there is sunrise and sunset outside of ISS
  214. Fusion stopping in the Sun??!!
  215. Killer Asteroid
  216. Waxing Crescent Moon of 24 Dec 2006
  217. Making solid rocket fuel
  218. Water on acomet nucleus?
  219. Black Holes and Dark Matter
  220. Epoch and Equinox
  221. Magnetic Field Lines
  222. Atmospheric O2 and N2 effects on human performance
  223. Where does the mass go in a Black Hole?
  224. Last night's shooting star?
  225. Maximum G
  226. 4dimensional space
  227. What does 'quallitative' and 'quantitative' mean?
  228. Imaginary question: the formation of sun originally formed through a comet
  229. Europa impact?
  230. Does EM truly have an infinite range?
  231. Asteroids
  232. Silly Sgr A* question
  233. Why don't space images have PGP/SHA security signatures?
  234. Curious
  235. The horizon/observable universe problem
  236. Hawking Radiation
  237. Centre of the universe
  238. What Cause's Jupiter's Stripes
  239. Mass of the solar nebula
  240. Dark matter / COSMOS
  241. Light Travel Revisited
  242. 'Geo'-synchronous orbit around an asteroid
  243. Cosmos
  244. Radiation Budget of Jovian Planet's Moons
  245. What is meant by "in-line radiation"?
  246. Black Holes, Event Horizons, and Dark Energy
  247. Red Shift / Blue Shift
  248. Chi-squared fit to scatter diagrams
  249. Dark Matter
  250. Velocity of SgrA* Relative to Our Solar System